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Por: Ing. María Regina Rodríguez de Prem
Director General BiblioTech

Blended Learning is a dynamic combination of classroom and Blended Learning Academy. It is an educational model that provides our students with the necessary technological and academic tools to ensure effective academic preparation and future professional success.

Technology is an ever-changing force and with our Blended Learning technique, we ensure our students can keep up with these changes, providing immediate feedback and real-time updating of necessary information. Our on-site tutorial support is provided through highly qualified educators that reinforce in each student the importance of time management, fulfillment of their responsibilities, how to prioritize tasks and coaches them how to lead a proactive lifestyle.

In traditional school environments , students are treated equally and held to the same standards regardless of their situation. Some students end up getting held back because of this format and others struggle to keep up. The advantage of Blended Learning is that different programs can be adapted to the needs of every student. These students can then learn side by side and keep the socially rewarding experience of the classroom, while learning at their own pace.

Keeping class sizes small is another way to ensure that students receive the individualized attention that they deserve.

No matter how a student learns, having the direct attention of the educator is a great way to keep them engaged and interacting with the subject matter. elf-esteem, structure, responsibility and time management.The tutor or facilitator working with the student empowers them with skills and knowledge, guiding the student through a very positive educational experience.

Among the advantages that Blended Learning offers is the fact that students can work at their own pace, overcoming difficulties in a better way, but at the same time having access to personalized attention from the tutor and all the assistance, knowledge and resources that an educator offers. At the same time, tutors can structure their courses and provide instruction in a more flexible and creative way than in traditional class dynamics. Blended Learning Academy also allows tutors and teachers to provide personalized attention to students, working in small groups or one-on-one when necessary. Finally, because students who work with this modality use digital and online technology, they automatically acquire knowledge in this area and greater confidence and security when using this technology.

Blended Learning is a hybrid teaching strategy and represents in many cases a fundamental and positive change in the way students and tutors/teachers approach the educational experience. Due to the resources it uses, it is an up-to-date approach that allows many students to be prepared for their next stage of studies and for real life.

Bibliotech already works with this methodology and highly successful results have been obtained.