BiblioTech is a Blended Learning academy (mixed or combined learning) that offers ten different national and american education programs that adapt to different profiles and student needs. We offer study programs for Middle School, High School, and University using technology platforms in combination with personalized tutorial support.

Our allied programs allow us to make different types of adaptations for our students. We have a lot of experience in working with high-performance athletes, allowing flexible hours and scheduling. Our work dynamics of small groups and very well attended, allow athletes to combine student life with their daily sports discipline. Our facilities provides the social coexistence that students must have in these years of development. We have 30 years of experience and we have a multidisciplinary professional team. At BiblioTech we focus on working on the emotional intelligence of students as we are convinced that this determines a large part of an individual's success. The philosophy of the "Growth mindset" is our day to day!

Blended Learning Methodology: Virtual educational platform with high technology + Personalized Tutoring Program. We adapt to the specific needs of each student, ensuring concepts are mastered and skills are acquired.

Our programs are aimed for students from 4 years old to university level.

Bibliotech is for everyone! Each student needs personalized attention and an education that adapts to their lifestyle. We adapt to the needs of each student regardless of their profile We have programs for high performance athletes, artistic talent, special needs, international students and outstanding students.