Complete school program that offers specific and individual educational needs. We were the first ones to bring Blended Learning Academy to Guatemala 31 years ago, becoming an innovative and dynamic study option..

“Our students flourish discovering the tremendous potential that each one has. They enjoy the educational process surrounded by an environment of values and fulfilling clear goals. They develop the skills and knowledge that they will use for the rest of their lives. “

– Maria Regina de Prem

Paulina Hun

“Bibliotech taught me not only traditional education, in their institution I learned to be better every day and always think positively.
I arrived at Bibliotech with very low academic grades and zero motivation in my studies. My grades went up dramatically at the school, where I felt very welcome and had a lot of support from my family and the staff.

I feel very proud of what I achieved, and all thanks to the faculty and staff. I really appreciate everything the school did for me, from the first day I arrived.
Bibliotech is a family and it is one of the best decisions I have made. I met incredible people and without a doubt I know that I will always be welcome at the institution.”

Favio Gutiérrez

Having studied at Bibliotech as a student athlete was a very rewarding experience. I felt the support of all my teachers even outside the classroom.

Their help, both academic such as personalallowed me to achieve my goals more easily and to be able to graduate and have the opportunity to enter universities without any problem.

Mariela Melgar

At Bibliotech they taught me to be independent with my studies and gave me the tools to mature. I am very grateful for all the academic and personal support they gave me. I have very nice memories of Bibliotech and they will always have a special place in my heart.

Angie Tax

My experience at BiblioTech was very good, it even exceeded my expectations. My first and last year of school were wonderful thanks to the dedication offered by the teaching and see administrative team of the school.

The tools they offer for homeschool Rarely did I find myself needing to turn to my teachers for a better explanation. On the other hand, the tutors were always very attentive to my needs as a student and very well prepared to answer any questions that I might have.

The system that BiblioTech has is very different from the other schools, since they make sure each student has a personalized education Finally, I am happy to say that I managed to connect with the school environment very well. Without a doubt I would’ve loved to know from you much sooner!”

Giulia Zarbielli

My name is Giulia Zarbielli and I am 17 years old. I am Brazilian and I have lived in Guatemala for more than 4 years . When I arrived to Guatemala I had a very low level of Spanish and very basic English. At BiblioTech I received great support during the 4 years I studied there. I was in two different platforms, Hebron where I was able to focus on my Spanish for two years and Calvert where I graduated and perfected my English. I managed to graduate in less time thanks to the platform method and all the support I received.

At BiblioTech I did many friends and learned to interact with people who are very different from each other. I am very grateful for all the support I had. I appreciate not only the academic guidance, but also the personal support they gave me. I felt that I matured a lot in recent years and a large part of that was thanks to all the staff that works at Biblio. I know that I will really miss the activities we used to do and how united my class was. Thanks to everyone who was part of all those achievements I had in the 4 years I studied at BiblioTech.

Lucía Girón

My experience at Bibliotech was very nice because all the faculty and students were very good to me. Besides receiving the normal classes, they have free periods of cooking, sports and plastic arts.

I spent my last 3 Highschool years in Bibliotech. With the methodology they offer I managed to finish my last year in 8 months. Taking classes with foreign platforms opened the doors of many universitiesfor me. Bibliotech was also one of the places where I was able to express my artistic side because I participated in two of the Talent Shows.which was a very nice experience.

I am very proud and grateful to be part of Bibliotech They are like a second family to me.”