Why Bibliotech?

Bibliotech is born in January 1991, as a personalized tutor service focused on supporting students with school reinforcement during the afternoons. Initially our focus was on numerical and scientific classes. Due to the needs of our students, over time we specialized in other subjects.

Currently Bibliotech is a Blended Learning Academy that offers different education programs, both national and American, tailored to various student profiles and learning needs. We provide study programs for Elementary, Secondary, and University levels, utilizing cutting-edge technology platforms in conjunction with personalized tutorial support.

Our partnered programs allow us to make the necessary adaptations, so that our students can carry out a learning process according to their needs and strengths. We truly believe that each student is unique in their way and that they learn differently. That’s why our main focus here at Bibliotech is to provide them with the tools and strategies to excel not only on a personal level but also on a professional level.

With this in mind, we also have extensive experience working with high-performance athletes, offering flexibility and customized scheduling. Our small, well-attended group dynamics enable athletes to balance their academic life with their daily sports discipline.

Attendance at our facilities provides the social interaction that students should have, which is crucial during these developmental years. However, since COVID-19 we still offer hybrid and online options. With 33 years of experience and a multidisciplinary professional team, Bibliotech focuses on developing student´s emotional intelligence, as we firmly believe it significantly contributes to an individual's success. The philosophy of the "Growth mindset" is our everyday ethos!