Why Bibliotech?

BiblioTech was created in January 1991, as a personalized tutoring focused on supporting students with school reinforcement during the afternoons. Initially our focus was on numeracy and science classes. Due to the needs of our students, over time we specialized in other subjects.

In order to offer a comprehensive and personalized service, in addition to focusing on the academic aspect of the students, we also worked on the executive functions, structure and self-esteem of each one. The success that our students began to have in the different schools they attended was evident. From what we realized, that personalized education was a need in Guatemala, which was not yet being attended to.

It was then when we decided to incorporate distance study in our facilities and thus offer a complete school program meeting specific and individual educational needs. We were the forerunners in Guatemala of virtual education and we began to work with two programs, one local and the other one American, becoming an innovative and dynamic study option. We currently offer eight different distance programs, one local and the other one American, becoming us as an innovative and dynamic study option. These different distance programs, Middle School, High School, and University. Through Blended Learning, we have been able to offer the best teaching methods, combining state-of-the-art technology programs with face-to-face tutorial support and personalized..

Knowing the learning style of each of our students, we make the necessary adjustments to ensure that students are trained for a future university career with professional and personal success.. In BiblioTech we believe that educational success is not only focused on the academic aspect, but also on the development of the social skills to face the professional world. The emotional intelligence of our students is very important at BiblioTech. Our student population is made up of more than eighty students, where through integration activities, we have been able to build a community based on respect, integrity, acceptance, social responsibility and friendship.