How can Blended Learning help different student Profiles Blended Learning is a dynamic combination of classroom and virtual education. 

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Blended Learning is a dynamic combination of classroom and Blended Learning Academy. It is an educational model that provides our students with the necessary technological and academic tools to ensure effective academic preparation and future professional success.
Technology is an ever-changing force and with our Blended Learning technique, we ensure our students can keep up with these changes, providing immediate feedback and real-time updating of necessary information. Our on-site tutorial support is provided through highly qualified educators that reinforce in each student the importance of time management, fulfillment of their responsibilities, how to prioritize tasks and coaches them how to lead a proactive lifestyle.

In traditional school environments , students are treated equally and held to the same standards regardless of their situation. Some students end up getting held back because of this format and others struggle to keep up. The advantage of Blended Learning is that different programs can be adapted to the needs of every student. These students can then learn side by side and keep the socially rewarding experience of the classroom, while learning at their own pace.

Keeping class sizes small is another way to ensure that students receive the individualized attention that they deserve.

No matter how a student learns, having the direct attention of the educator is a great way to keep them engaged and interacting with the subject matter. For students that are high performance athletes having a Blended Learning educational platform helps them continue their studies whenever and wherever they are. Their school schedules are flexible enough to account for daily training sessions. Our student athletes sometimes leave for weeks to compete abroad and our virtual programs allow them to stay on track. For the artistic students this platform can work around their schedule. Developing a child’s artistic talents is a fundamental part of their growth. Blended Learning programs allow students to take this aspect of their life alongside their education and flourish. With flexible hours, students are able to continue their education at their convenience.

Individuals have different learning modes such as visual, auditive or kinesthetic learning styles (sometimes referred to as VAK). Goals are easily attained when educators tap into these modalities and adapt the lesson plans to incorporate individualized learning. Adapting to the way individuals learn is really the basis of all Blended Learning platforms. For this reason, students who may require extra time on certain subjects or who may need more examples before grasping the idea are able to learn in a stress-free environment. There are still deadlines to meet and goals to achieve but they are adjusted to be realistic to the needs of the student.

Highly gifted students who have that innate ability of comprehension are proven to be more engaged in their education when they are not forced to advance at the pace of their class average. These students finish quickly and then space out. They end up wasting a lot of time waiting for the rest of the class to catch up. Its not the fault of educators but it is the way a typical classroom works. The speed of the class is dictated by the average speed of all students. Exceptional students are freed from this limitation with the help of Blended Learning and can use their time more wisely.

Due to globalization, our world is shrinking and people travel far beyond the confines of their home town. This creates endless opportunities for children to not just learn about, but to truly experience other cultures and the world around them. More and more people from foreign countries come to Guatemala for work or just to experience a new culture. While these opportunities are incredibly rewarding it can be nerve wracking to plan this move and to guarantee your child’s education. There are several USA accredited Blended Learning platforms that are in line with the US standards. Student’s can continue their schooling and be guaranteed a US high school diploma at the end of their education.

It is wonderful that the classroom is no longer a one size fits all situation. Children are free to learn when and how they were meant to, all while keeping up to date on the latest technological advancements.