Catherin Chomali

BiblioTech came to our lives through a recommendation of a professional psychologist, Ana Lucia Novales, who knew my daughter very well.
The recommendation was like a gift to our lives, because in BiblioTech, Vanessa found the learning system that adapted to her characteristics.

A personalized teaching, all the love of the world and unconditional delivery by a multidisciplinary team that enhanced the talents of Vanessa.

My heart will always be in total gratitude with BiblioTech, because it is more than a school it is a personalized learning system that each young person needs.

BiblioTech, more than studying is learning and learning is for life!

Alfredo Beltranena

A low average, a lack of desire to attend school, a totally negative attitude of an institution without values, pushed us in 2008 to take an change that in the end turned out to be brilliant.

Our son Luis Alfredo started his home schooling in BiblioTech, we took the risky decision in conjunction with the Biblio administration and its teachers, to discard everything that was a distractor, and concentrate on rebuilding his educational foundations from scratch in the subjects of mathematics, Spanish language, social studies and natural sciences, and doing it totally in Spanish, to avoid the typical confusions of the language mix. The idea was great.

In three years, Luis Alfredo was receiving a bachelor's degree, he was supported by the program Latina America, and with the support of BiblioTech, he finished a Diploma Program in Integral Livestock, and took the first steps to take the parallel courses in a university in the career plan of Agricultural Engineering at the Universidad de San Pablo.

Thanks to the recovered capacities, and in spite of the terrible original diagnosis, Luis Alfredo is today an Agricultural Engineer, he studied a Business Administration along with his Bachelor's degree, and a Post-Graduate Degree in Agriculture, in addition to exercising as part of the marketing program and sales of the Naturaceites Company.

Choosing BiblioTech was a very difficult decision, but it was really worth the risk. It was a challenge for us and certainly for BiblioTech, but for Luis Alfredo it is why even today it leads him through life, in a successful way

Words are missing for the gratitude that as a father can be expressed to an institution that gave us everything. Friendship, consolation, love and that over the years trusted us to manage their food stores, supporting my wife (+) so that she could also return to her life after tremendous chemotherapy treatments.

We admire the work, performance and humanism of Biblio-Tech who we never consider the tutors, but the friends of our most important challenge; our son Luis Alfredo.

Ingrid Maschede

“ I am grateful to have found and received the suggestion to take Isabella to BiblioTech. They make my daughter feel good about herself, she is happy and happy to be there. She is learning every day and going at her own pace. This has strengthened her self-esteem, her self-expression and many branches of her education. BiblioTech is always open to meeting Isabella's particular speech needs. I can only say that I am immensely grateful. ”