Las personas tienen diferentes modos de aprendizaje, estos son estilos de aprendizaje visual, auditivo o kinestésico (a veces denominado VAK).

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Por Victoria Rivera

Blended Learning is a dynamic combination of classroom and virtualeducation. It is an educational model that provides our students with the necessary technological and academic tools to ensure effective academic preparation and professional success.Technology is a force that is constantly changing and with our Blended Learning technique, we make sure that our students can keep up with these changes, providing immediate feedback and updating the necessary information in real time. Our on-site training support is staffed by highly-skilled educators who reinforce with each student the importance of time management, following through on responsibilities, how to prioritize tasks, and teaching them to lead a proactive lifestyle.

In traditional school settings, students are treated equally and are held to the same standards, regardless of their situation. Some students end up being held back due to this style of teaching and others struggle to keep up. The advantage of virtual education is that different programs can be adapted to the needs of each student. These students can learn side by side and maintain the socially rewarding experience of the classroom, while learning at their own pace.

Keeping class sizes small is another way to ensure students receive the individualized attention they deserve.No matter how a student learns, having the teacher's direct attention is a great way to keep them engaged and engaging with the topic.

For students who are high-performance athletes, una plataforma educativa de Blended Learning, les ayuda a continuar sus estudios cuando y donde sea que estén. Los horarios escolares son lo suficientemente flexibles para mantener sesiones de entrenamiento diarias. Nuestros estudiantes atletas a veces se van por semanas  para competir en el extranjero y nuestros programas virtuales les permiten mantenerse al día con sus clases.

For art students, this platform can work with their schedules. Developing a child's artistic talents is a critical part of growing up. Blended Learning programs allow students to take this aspect of their life along with their education and develop accordingly. With flexible hours, students can continue their education at their convenience.

People have different modes of learning, these are visual, auditory or kinesthetic (sometimes referred to as VAK) learning styles. Goals are easily achieved when educators take advantage of these modalities and adapt lesson plans to incorporate individualized learning. Adapting to the way people learn is really the foundation of all virtual educationAdapting to the way people learn is really the foundation of all Blended Learning platforms. For this reason, students who may require additional time in certain subjects or who may need more examples before grasping the idea can learn in a stress-free environment. This technique uses deadlines to complete tasks and goals to be achieved, but adjust them to be realistic to the needs of the student.

Highly gifted students who have this innate capacity for understanding have been shown to be more engaged in their education when they are not required to pace their class average. These students finish quickly and then get distracted. hey end up wasting a lot of time waiting for the rest of the class to catch up.. No es culpa de los educadores, pero es la forma en que funciona un aula típica. La velocidad de la clase está dictada por la velocidad promedio de todos los estudiantes. Los estudiantes excepcionales se libran de esta limitación con la ayuda de Blended Learning y pueden utilizar su tiempo más sabiamente.

Due to globalization, our world is shrinking and people are traveling far beyond the confines of their hometown. This creates endless opportunities for children to not only learn, but actually experience other cultures and the world around them. More and more people from foreign countries come to Guatemala to work or simply to experience a new culture. While these opportunities are incredibly rewarding, planning for this change and ensuring your children's education can be nerve-wracking. There are several accredited and authorized virtual education platforms that meet standards established by the United States. Students can continue their studies and earn an American high school diploma upon completion of their education

It's wonderful that the classroom is no longer a one-size-fits-all situation.Children are free to learn when and how it is easiest for them to do so, while staying up-to-date on the latest technological advances.