How Depressive Symptoms Affect Student Academic Performance

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There are several studies that show that learning is linked to the emotional development of students.Emotions have an impact on our knowledge of the world, motivate our actions when we interact with other people, and affect the functioning of our cognitive functions.

Aaron Beck, the founder of Cognitive Therapy, stated that negative automatic thoughts generated by cognitive distortions are the cause of depressive symptoms. Negative thoughts affect students' academic performance, as they tend to focus on situations in which they failed or did not measure up to some personal standard and ignore situations in which they succeeded.

One of the main symptoms of depression is anhedonia, or loss of interest or satisfaction in activities that were previously considered pleasurable. Due to this, adolescents who suffer from depressive episodes lose interest in studies and task completion, reflecting poor academic performance. Other commondepressive symptoms are difficulty falling asleep(insomnia)) and excessive sleeping. These cause fatigue and prone to inattention in students.

At BiblioTech we focus on the physical, psychological and social well-being of our students. We offer psychological therapy to provide them with a space where they can express themselves freely, resolve and find their own solutions to their problems, and set their own goals. It is imperative to work on modifying the cognitive distortions that affect students' thoughts, causing depressive symptoms that affect their emotional state, which alters the student's social,. La psicoterapia es un proceso esencial para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas. Por medio de ésta, pueden descubrir su propia capacidad de cambio y crecimiento. Creemos que los estudiantes pueden evolucionar, empoderar y transformar su conducta para alcanzar su mayor bienestar integral.


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